Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 4&5

The other day after work the weather was nice, I decided to go fishing. I went to Lion's Pond at the rest area here in Rifle. It is a nice spot that is close to home. I walked to the far side of the pond with my dog, I noticed some fish rising to flys on the surface. I casted a caddis pattern out near where I saw the fish rise. I caught a bluegill. Bluegill are a small warm water fish. Not as regal as a trout but a fish none the less. I kept catching these bluegill all afternoon. the only problem is they don't put up a fight like a trout, they kind of play dead until they get released, kind of boring if you ask me. The next time I go to Lions Pond. I will bring my camera and get some pictures.

Today I went back to the "Pan". It was a great day for fishing. The weather was lousy, but the fishing was awesome. Started out slow, I has a couple of fish on the line but I lost them. As the day progressed the fishing became catching. It was a slay fest. While I was setting up in the parking area I met a guy picking up litter around the river. His name is Pete, he told me he is a guide at a shop out of Aspen. We talked about the river for a while, he went to his truck and came back with a fly box. He gave me some of his flys he likes to use on the Pan. What a cool guy. I thanked him for the flys and he left. The upper parts of the river were hit or miss fishing. I moved around alot the first fish of the day was a small brownie. no pic. left the camera in the truck. I caught the brownie on a pattern called a Roy's emerger, named for Roy Palm, a local legend on the Pan. I fished the upper river for a few hours until I got too cold. Jumped in the truck and headed down river.

I found a spot on the lower river, nobody was there so I scouted it out. The fish were rising everywhere I looked. I kept the Roy's emerger tied on and added a jujube midge to trail behind the dry fly. I had a fish on the first cast. It was a small rainbow trout. about 10'' long

I kept fishing this spot for a couple of hours and caught some more fish. most of them shook loose before I could land them (I blame barbless hooks) but I got a few of them to the net. The fishing finally slowed down around 4:00. I was cold and the dog was too, so I called it a day and headed back home. Maybe the Roaring Fork River tomorrow.


  1. It's great that you're getting to fish so much. Sounds like you moved to the right place.

  2. You had a couple of good days! And, I want to see a picture of the flies that Pete gave you.

  3. how cool to meet a guide. Good person to know, I'm sure. thanks for posting the pics.