Friday, April 27, 2012

San Juan slay fest

Hi Everybody,

I just got back from a trip on the San Juan River in New Mexico. The fishing was great. I went down to visit my friend Jesse. I got 2 days of fishing on one of the greatest rivers in the world.
loading up the boat before the river
Jesse booked a guide for a float trip on Friday. we woke up late and had to get breakfast at a gas station on the way (we drank way too much Peach Street Bourbon the night before.). we made it in time to get our gear  together before our guide Tom from Duranglers pulled up with his boat. We got on the river at 8:30 am. the guide built our rigs with small midge nymphs, weight and set our strike indicators to the proper depth. Tom gave Jesse and me some pointers on how to mend the line as we drift along the river and some other useful tips,

We spent most of the day floating "Texas hole". we would float down and tom would row the boat back up to the top of the run and we would drift along and catch fish each time we drifted through the run. we spent half of the day fishing "Texas hole" 

Jesse and our guide Tom

After a lunch of a turkey sandwich and a beer, we headed down river fishing as we drifted through the runs, catching fish the whole time on the way down the river. We caught so many trout I lost count. my arm was beginning to get tired by the time we got close to the take out

one of the hogs I caught. 

.I recommend everyone should fish with a guide at least once. I have done it twice now. A good guide trip will leave you with more fishing knowledge and a better angler for the next time you go out.  the next day we went back to the river and I caught fish right away. we moved up to the upper flats and I caught fish. we went back to "Texas hole" and I caught fish. This trip has made me a much better fisherman and I cant wait to get back on my local rivers and test myself and what I learned.


  1. Looks like you guys had a good time. I think its cool that you learned some new tricks. Can't wait to hear how those tricks play out in your local rivers.

  2. when the turkey hunter comes home, i am going to have him read this. he often debates if he should do a guide fishing day or not. sounds like it was well worth it! fish on!