Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Learned something last week

Today I went out to the Roaring Fork river in Glenwood Springs, to test myself and to see if I learned anything last weekend The water was clearing up from the rain we had last week, just clear enough to try to fish. I missed a major caddis hatch while I was in Durango last week, so today I was hoping to get the tail end of the hatch and some good dry fly action. I got to the river and I did not see any caddis, so I tied on a "rubber leg stone fly" as my lead fly followed by a "San Juan worm" in the middle and a "caddis larva" as the trailer, if I could fish more than 3 fly's I would, (Colorado parks and wildlife Regs state no more than 3 fly's on a line)

After making some depth adjustments to my rig I found where the fish were holding and the fishing became catching. I caught a rainbow, a cut-bow, a mountain whitefish, and several sucker fish. I had a couple of fish break off the line during the fight, those might have been nice fish but I will never know. If I had a dollar for every time a fish broke my line, I would have much better fishing gear.

I think I learned a thing or two last week. I was able to get nice long drifts on most of my casts. I was able to notice the slightest movement in my strike indicator which led to more fish in my net. Like I said in my last post, a good guide trip will leave you a better fisherman at the end of the day. I am feeling better about my angling skills after today's success

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