Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back at it again.

got one
Hola amigos, I know its been a while since I rapped at you, but I have been busy and not fishing enough. I am back at it now that the weather is warming up and spring time is coming.
Last week I was able to get out and fish the Roaring Fork River in Glenwood Springs,
I started out the day at a spot near the airport, I set up with a three nymph rig. a egg as the lead fly, a stone-fly pattern below that and a jujube midge as the third fly. The fishing was good, I caught a brownie within five minutes. I worked the area below the airport and got some more bites and caught a white fish, always cool to catch a true native species of fish. 
(the rainbow trout and brown trout were introduced to Colorado in the late 1800s.)
While fishing the airport run I ran out of tippet material, I went to the fly shop in Glenwood and picked up some tippet and some fly's, I talked to Tom at the fly shop, he told me of another spot in town to try. I worked the same rig at the new spot near the park in town and caught a nice rainbow, as I was reeling it in the fish did a spectacular tail walk across the river and shook loose. after that I got all tangled up and decided to call it a day.

I decided to stay close to home, I went to the river park in Silt. I got to the river and there was still Ice on the shore line. I walked along the river for a while until the ice started to melt. after about a half hour the river started to warm up and melt the ice. I was fishing with a three nymph rig again, a stone-fly as a lead, a san juan worm in the middle and a chartreuse  midge as the trailer. I worked the south channel for about a hour and had no luck in that area, so I moved to the main channel to the north. I started up stream and worked back to the parking area. I found some nice water along the bank and caught a nice brownie. I caught it on a chartreuse midge pattern I tied myself.
nice brownie 
 I had some more bites while working this area. If I was a better fisherman I would have caught many more.  I will be better about keeping this blog updated and hopefully I have some good story's to tell this season.

Many thanks to Marisa Vines for her excellent photographs


  1. Great to see you back doing what you love to do most, Charlie! The pictures are fantastic.